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The Private Equity Exchange is an electronic secondary market for accredited investors to buy and sell restricted shares. PEQX provides venture fund managers, family office managers, and accredited individuals a venue to rebalance their restricted share portfolios of private companies and limited partnerships.

The PEQX electronic auction process is simple:

  • Register as an accredited investor
  • List your equity under a specific sector category
  • Add company information (you can attach financials, etc.)
  • Specify a fixed price or minimum bid
  • Respond to messages from potential buyers
  • Complete the transaction through our secure escrow account

Please click on register to enter the site. If you are registered, login and click on Browse to view auction listings.

If you wish to list shares, click on Browse then click on a sector category similar to your listing. Next click on [+] Post Here and fill in the details of your listing. Decide on the length of the auction and a minimum price. Finally, click on Add Item to post your listing. Listing is free. The seller pays a fee when the transaction is completed. Please read the Terms and Conditions for details.

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